NFL Odds on Jay Cutler’s team in 2017

NFL Odds on Jay Cutler’s team in 2017

For better or for worse Jay Cutler has been a polarizing figure since he joined the NFL in 2006. Love by some and hated by much more, you can’t watch Cutler play and don’t have an opinion about his NFL career. The pay per head services put together some NFL betting odds to see where he will play in 2017; if he decides to put more his years in the league.

Several reports mentioned Cutler is on the trade block. The Chicago Bears are ready to move on, and they are looking, Jay, a new home. However, other reports have said Cutler hasn’t decided if he wants to play next season.

Cutler has always looked disengaged and not as committed as other quarterbacks.  His body language has always been an issue. That’s why is not a surprise he’s thinking about retirement. Jay Cutler is only 33-years old, but he’s an 11-year veteran.

If he decides to play in 2017, here are the NFL Odds on Jay Cutler’s team in 2017:

Miami Dolphins: 7/4

The link to the Miami Dolphins has one reason and one reason only. One of the best season in Jay Cutler’s career with Adam Gase as the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator. With Gase as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, it’s not a surprise the online bookies expect a reunion in South Beach.

Cutler threw for 21 touchdowns and had over 3,600 yards. The Bears looked like a good offense during that 2015 season. Now Miami is a tricky spot because Ryan Tannehill is the starting quarterback there and Gase has mentioned he’s the right guy for the job. Tannehill led the Dolphins to lasts season’s playoffs, but he didn’t play due to injury.

Jay Cutler in Miami is just a secure backup to Tannehill, but with a big name as a second QB, things could get ugly. The Dolphins need to avoid any future quarterback controversy.

New York Jets: 11/4

At this point, the NY Jets are willing to try anything to get better at the quarterback position. After a failed season under Ryan Fitzpatrick, almost anybody is an upgrade. Currently the Jets have WR Brandon Marshall and he could be reunited with Jay Cutler. When both played in Chicago, they had great moments. It never translated to a postseason success but it was fun to watch.

If the Jets land Cutler, the pph sportsbook would give New York a shot to battle for a postseason post.  Over the last decade the New England Patriots have dominated the AFC East; with Cutley in the Jets that won’t change but it would make the division a lot fun to watch.

Cutler needs to consider the Jets are a primarily running offense. At this point on his career that’s a good fit for the veteran quarterback.

Cleveland Browns: 9/2

The Cleveland Browns have been in need for a quarterback for over two decades. They have swing and miss for a long time now. Picking a quarterback in this next draft could be a reach for the Browns. There isn’t enough talent in the 2017 draft  to add a quarterback. With that said, the Browns could use a savvy veteran.

It would be hard for the Browns to convince Jay Cutler this is the best move for his career, but according to the pay per head sportsbooks, they will try it anyway.

Cleveland has too many holes in every line of the roster. Cutler won’t fix all of those problems, but his experience should help them add other free agents. Those moves can only help a franchise who doesn’t have any direction at this moment.

San Francisco 49ers: 9/2

Jay Cutler is at a point on his career where he needs to select a good spot to play his last games. San Francisco is a rebuilding situation with very little talent on both sides of the ball. Bringing a problematic veteran like Cutler won’t help at all.

If Jays looks around he won’t see any talent at the wideout position. Moving to San Francisco would be a horrible move for both the franchise and the player. The one thing the Niners might be looking for would be to bring experience in case they draft a quarterback in 2017.

Cutler has been in this league for 11 years, and whether he has been successful or not, he has been in many games. That should count for something.

Chicago Bears: 5/1

For the Chicago Bears, it is the right time to move away from Cutler. But their relationship has gone for so long it’s hard to see them go in different directions.

The Bears were good when they had a defensive system under coach Lovie Smith. When, he was fired, not even Cutler could keep the team together. The City of Chicago believes he’s not engage enough to play and win. And that’s why they can’t compete with the Green Bay Packers in the NFC North division, and most recently not even with the Minnesota Vikings.

Chicago still doesn’t have a solution to Cutler’s leaving, but it is the right move for them to cut ties with the quarterback and then see what happens. The pph sportsbooks would be shocked if he stays in Chicago for one more season.

Houston Texans: 10/1

The Houston Texans spent $72M in a quarterback during the last offseason. It was clear Brock Osweiler was not the answer. Even with Brock holding them back, they made the playoffs by winning the AFC South.

Now, imagine if they actually have a capable quarterback. In the right position, Jay Cutler can still make plays. He still has a cannon arm to look for DeAndre Hopkins. He also has more experience than Osweiler, and could take this team deeper in the playoffs. Cutlet still will make mistakes and turn the ball over from time to time, but he’s an improvement over Osweiler for sure.

The one thing holding this deal back in prestige. Houston needs to be ok with the fact that they made a blunder signing Osweiler last season. They need to be OK with seeing their multi-million quarterback sitting in the bench. It’s a hard realization to accept. But the quickly they made the move, the quickly they could turn the page.

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