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At we have a state-of-the-art bookie software. Our bookmaker software it is easy to use, customizable, and is the finest mobile pay per head sports bookie software in the game.

Dominating the business since 2008, we are extremely proud of our of security measures, including full system and database excess. Like not many in the industry, our online bookie software provides protecting statuses, financial analysis, security reports, real-time betting history, and tons of other features powered by our unique account management area to give your customers an easy way to play and win.

Why use a price per head sportsbook software?

Operating the pay per head model gives you freedom to systematize your business to a certain extent while earning big chunks of money. The best way to grow in this market is by trusting to do most of the work for you. We are dedicated to giving you the latest and best online bookie software in the industry.

A few advantages of getting our pay per head platforms:

  • Set your lines.
  • Charge your vig or juice.
  • See current open bets.
  • Adjust player credit limit.
  • Cash flow report.
  • View the entire history of each player.
  • Mobile friendly website and wagering menu.
  • Mobile friendly reports and customer service.

And these are just a few. is the number one option for local bookies, professional credit bookmakers, and sports betting agents. The players will enjoy a 24 hours top of the line sports gambling software, 365 days a year. Our price per head agent package gives you a broad solution for your bookmaking needs.

Also, we offer live-in-game online betting software for your players. The customers can bet any game they want even if it already started. Live game betting is the new era in sports wagering and to grow as leading bookie in this industry you need to offer to your clients. gives the edge over the competition by extending this specialized option.

Casino Software for Bookies

Vegas style should be the only Casino style allowed. At we give the agents an opportunity to show the clients a unique experience by playing in the comfort of their home or any place in the world. Our bookies software allows the players to play against real and stunning dealers from Costa Rica. While other might offer any casino software, we guaranteed the best service and the best experience while playing on our platforms.


Did I mention the players interact with real dealers? Well, here are a few other benefits from joining casino software.

  • Focus 100% on marketing. Never worry about servers, apps or developers again.
  • Bring on beginner players to influence new games and turn your traffic into consistent profits.
  • Our friendly customer service team is on 24/7. Your business is in the best hands with us.
  • Analyze clean and accurate real-time betting data with an advanced filtering feature powered by player tracking software.
  • Evaluate business performance with easy to read dashboards.
  • Apply trending analytics in promo campaigns planning for a maximum return on investment.
  • And yes, our dealers are breathtaking.

At we set the highest quality for both technical and customer support service.

Racebook Software for Bookies

The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes set the Triple Crown in horse racing, but do you follow the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, the Royal Ascot, the Dubai World Cup or the Grand National?

If you don’t know what they are, there is no need to worry. We do. The agents joining the team will find they can offer the best and unique horse races in the world.

We offer horse racing betting lines from over 80 tracks worldwide. Our pay per head services will take your business to the next level. All winnings are multiplied within seconds, offering you and your customers a quick return following the wager.

Online or by phone we specialize in racebook call center solutions. The leading platform for horse racing betting opportunities separates us from the other PPH shops. Our highly qualified staff provides your clients with the most distinctive service which separates you from any other bookie. is about making your life easier while continuing to grow in this developing market!


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