NFL Betting Odds for Colin Kaepernick’s new team in 2017

NFL Betting Odds for Colin Kaepernick’s new team in 2017

Back in 2014, Colin Kaepernick signed a 6-year $114 million extension with the San Francisco 49ers. The quarterback played the next two seasons at an atrocious level, and he was never near to cash his entire contract. Just a few days ago, Kaepernick decided to opt out of his contract to hit Free Agency, his value is not the same as it once was, but he can still play.

He won’t break the bank with his next opportunity, and he knows it. But Kaepernick wants exactly that. A fair chance to show his talent and his evolution as a quarterback. It’s not only about finding an opportunity to prove itself but the opportunity to enjoy the game once again. He needs to be careful where his next landing spot is, but the PPH Sportsbook gives us some odds to see which will be his new team:

Chicago Bears +300

The Chicago Bears are looking forward to seeing something under center for the next couple of years. The Jay Cutler era seems to be over in the Windy City. Both sides are ready to move on. The pay per head sites favors the Bears to land Kaepernick in the free agency. Colin showed great stuff in his second year in the league in 2012, taking the San Francisco 49ers all the way to the Super Bowl. After that, it all went down the wrong way.

Kaepernick is the type of quarterback he needs to be pampered. He needs a head coach that believes in him and trust his abilities. HC John Fox is a veteran coach who is a defensive minded coach. He won’t deal with Kaepernick much, but his winning mentality could make Colin get back on track.

Cleveland Browns +550

This is the worst-case scenario for Kaepernick. First all, landing in Cleveland as issued by its own. This is a franchise without any patience and eager for a talented thrower. Colin is more of a scrambling quarterback, and that hasn’t played well for the Browns.

Coach Hue Jackson is known for being a quarterback whispered, but the truth is he needs to deal with so many issues on this team and talking to the QB won’t be a priority. Also, by bringing Colin to the mix, Jackson will put an additional issue on the team. He would have to choose between Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III for the starting job. Both are recycled quarterbacks trying to get their career resurrected. It doesn’t suit well for Cleveland.

Arizona Cardinals +750

The Arizona Cardinals will have QB Carson Palmer for at least one more season. This explosive offense will try to bring the 2015 Palmer back and forget what the veteran showed in 2016. The thing is the sports bookies known Palmer is in his last years. Arizona needs to look for his replacement and take advantage of a talented roster.

This happened when Kurt Warner left the team in 2009. The Cardinals struggled to find his replacement and wasted a talented offense without a leader; especially WR Larry Fitzgerald.

What brings me concern about a possible Colin Kaepernick move to Arizona is the fit. Colin is a running quarterback with questionable passing mechanics. They would be going from a pocket passer to a scrambling type of QB. Even if head coach Bruce Arians is a great offensive mind, this issue presents a challenge for Arizona and the rest of the coaching staff.

It’s hard to see winners if this move happens. Kaepernick wants to play right away, and that won’t occur in the 2017 Arizona Cardinals.

Buffalo Bills +1000

Kaepernick to the Bills is an intriguing scenario for both sides and for the NFL betting fans trying to collect against the pay per head sportsbook.

The Bills are set to cut QB Tyrod Taylor. Buffalo was the best rushing team in 2016 due to the combination between Taylor and RB LeSean McCoy. If they make a switch from Taylor to Kaepernick, the running system shouldn’t take a hit. In fact, the system would help Kaepernick find his best shape to run and pass the football.

Buffalo was one of the worst passing offenses in the NFL. Kaepernick has problems on his passing mechanics, but it’s safe to say he’s a better than Tyrod Taylor and with better success in the NFL.

This would make a great partnership for the Bills and the player. It would also give us a great chance to hit bookie gambling with great odds.

New York Jets +1500

New York is a hard place to play. The players here need to have a good mental state and be strong overall. Colin Kaepernick is not that type of player. The quarterback had political issues last season. The year before he struggled to stay in shape and stay focus. This would mean trouble against the Jets fans and the New York Media. Both are brutal.

The Jets haven’t a good quarterback in years. They have two projects in Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. Neither look like the answer for the 2017 season. This means the team will look for a veteran in the Free Agency. Kaepernick can’t be this guy. It’s a horrible marriage, and it doesn’t matter how you look it. It’s just bad for both parties involved.

Houston Texans +2500

The Houston Texans won the AFC South last season despite seeing one of the worst quarterback plays from QB Brock Osweiler. If this team had a capable quarterback, they would have had a better season. They will keep most of the core on the defensive and offensive side. But they know they need an upgrade at the quarterback position.

The online bookie software makes the Texans a long shot to land Kaepernick, but the situation is good for both. They can’t and won’t cut Osweiler because of the money they paid him, but Brock is a done deal in Houston. Kaepernick can go in there and fight for a place as a starter. He can still make plays, and he gives Houston a better shot than Osweiler does. It all comes down to see if Colin wants to go to a place where he will enter a quarterback battle.

Field (all other teams) -200

Keep in mind the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Los Angeles Rams could also be in play here.

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