All Day Carousel – NFL Odds on Adrian Peterson’s team in 2017

All Day Carousel – NFL Odds on Adrian Peterson’s team in 2017

The running back Adrian Peterson is right in the middle of the age the tailbacks become disposable in the NFL. Of course, he’s Adrian Peterson, and he doesn’t get measured by the same standards. With that said, the Minnesota Vikings will have a complicated decision to make about him for the 2017 season.

Peterson is set to make over $11 Million in base salary and $6M in roster bonuses. While those numbers are not crazy, he’s coming off an undeniable bad season. He ran for 72 yards in three games played. He averaged 1.9 yards per carry; it was the worst number of his career. And for the second time in the last three years, he didn’t find the end zone. Of course, he was injured most of the time, but that’s precisely the issue. Entering the 2017 season with 32-years old is a concern for the Vikings.

If Minnesota decides to cut Peterson and send him to the Free Agency, there will be more than a handful of teams interested in the veteran. Peterson has reached the 1000- yards mark in seven of his ten career years. He scored at least ten rushing touchdowns in eight of those ten seasons.

He has been close to a machine, and that’s why the sports bookies set NFL betting lines to see where he might play during the 2017 season. Remember, he’s not a free agent, yet. But there is a good chance this could be a possibility soon.

Green Bay Packers +200

It would be hard to see Adrian Peterson with the Packers’ uniform, but we have seen worst things in the past. On a side note, how much of vengeance will be for Green Bay fans to see the Vikings top RB played his last seasons in green and gold? The Pack can’t stand to see Brett Favre as a Vikings. This would be the significant payback.

Why is Green Bay leading the way in the pay per head sportsbooks to land Peterson? It’s simple. It’s a need they have. A big one. Eddie Lacy is now a free agent, and James Starks was cut by management at the end of the season.

The Packers don’t have a true-blood tailback. Adrian Peterson could join a contender like Green Bay to look for that missing ring.

Minnesota Vikings +250

The Vikings are the obvious pick for the online bookies. Peterson has played his entire career in Minnesota, and it would be a shame to see him play and perhaps win with another team. Of course, this is the nature of the business, but it’s hard to think about the Vikings and not see Adrian in the backfield.

The Vikings need a running back anyways. They just have to make a good deal with Peterson. Minnesota averaged 75.3 rushing yards per game. They were dead last in the NFL.

New England Patriots +1000

Over the last few seasons, players have gone to New England to get a Super Bowl ring. Adrian Peterson could see this move like a real possibility for success. Two years ago Darrelle Revis played for the Patriots in a one-and-done type of deal.

Just last season TE Martellus Bennett got to the Pats for that same reason. Both won the Super Bowl ring, and both moved to free agency right after.

Adrian Peterson to the Patriots could be an intriguing move. RB LeGarrette Blount could hit the market as well. That would open a spot for AD.

When Peterson played with Brett Favre, he understood the value of a good quarterback. He might be intrigued to see what he can do under Tom Brady’s leadership. This could happen for the right price.

Oakland Raiders +1000

The Raiders situation is similar to the Green Bay Packers. They are in need for a good running back. They are pretty much set up in a commanding position with QB Derek Carr under center and Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper outsider the numbers.

The running back position, however, has been an issue. RB Latavius Murray has played three seasons and reached the 1000-yards mark just once. Yes, this season he scored 12 touchdowns, which is an impressive number, but he had only two 100-yards game in 17 games, including playoffs.

Murray is a good tailback, but he doesn’t have enough fuel to have a full workload. The pph sportsbooks see the possibility of Peterson sharing the carries with Murray at least for a year. After the 2017 season, Latavius will be a free agent.

New York Giants +1500

Just a few weeks ago Peterson tweeted “The Giants been making some interesting moves.”

New York cut RB Rashad Jennings because he didn’t produce as expected. They also released WR Victor Cruz, saving a significant hit in the cap room. Both moves are the ones Peterson is referring to.

Last season the Giants had an average offense. Their main issue was the inability to run the football. If Adrian Peterson has something left in the tank, he can help New York get back to the winning side.

At this point in his career, he’s a luxury. He can’t be the entire offense. The Giants have developed an offense where the pass first and throw second.

Dallas Cowboys +2500

From a system fit standpoint, the Dallas Cowboys doesn’t make any sense in the Adrian Peterson sweepstakes. But this is AD’s team from childhood. He has said several times he would do anything to play for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

Dallas has the best running back in football right now in Ezekiel Elliot. But Jerry Jones is a greedy man, and he could make a move to have Peterson as a second running back.

The scenario would help Peterson more than anything. He would probably be a situational running back on a team with serious Championship aspirations. He would be making his childhood dream come true.

Field +120

The field; meaning any other team in the NFL is the favorite for the price per head services‎. The Broncos and Chargers are good fits in the AFC West. Perhaps Denver is the only one with playoffs aspirations of the two. Indianapolis in the AFC South and New Orleans or Tampa Bay in the NFC South could make some moves to get a chance for Adrian Peterson, as well

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