Biggest Super Bowl 52 Odds Moves after Free Agency

Biggest Super Bowl 52 Odds Moves after Free Agency

Right after the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, we went and gave it a quick look at the early Super Bowl LII Odds. Of course, most things change when teams start cutting and trading players. But the biggest moves in the odds come when those impact players in the Free Agency find a new home.

After the first two weeks of the Free Agency, nine teams moved considerable in the betting odds chart. Adding veterans will help some squats which are ready to make a run at the title. See the NY Giants below. For others, it will put them on the map again. Like the Philadelphia Eagles.

The thing no one can deny is the Free Agency period is one of the most fun stages of the NFL offseason. Here are the Biggest Super Bowl 52 Odds Moves after Free Agency:

New England Patriots: 4/1

The Patriots were 5/1 before the Free Agency started. In a very unlikely Patriots’ behavior, New England went off in the first few weeks and hired some serious talent. The addition of CB Stephon Gilmore will give them an aggressive cornerback for the secondary.  Of course, the sexy move was trading for WR Brandin Cooks, who will be another threat for the already loaded offense. The pph services are expecting lots of points from Tom Brady and company in 2017.

However, if you asked me, their biggest move was re-signing LB Dont’a Hightower. It looked like Hightower was about to hit the door after visiting the NY Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the veteran linebacker decided to stay with the champs for another run at the title.

Green Bay Packers: 10/1

The Packers were 12/1 before the Free Agency. They lost OLB Julius Peppers and safety Micah Hyde on defense. They also parted ways with RB Eddie Lacy, who is now with the Seattle Seahawks. Those are three big names they lost.

Their only addition was TE Michael Bennett who is coming from New England. The price per head sportsbook know Bennett gives Aaron Rodgers a missing weapon in the middle of the offense, but it doesn’t solve all the problems.

The online bookie software will probably revalue the Packers odds after the draft. Green Bay trusts the draft more than the Free Agency.

Dallas Cowboys 10/1:

Dallas was 8/1 before the Free Agents took the stage. The Cowboys re-signed G Jonathan Cooper, WR Terrance Williams, and RB Darren McFadden. Those moves are to stay stable on the offensive side. What about the defense? They lost CB Brandon Carr, Morris Clayborne, and Barry Church.

They signed CB Nolan Carroll from Philadelphia to filled at least one of those losses. But losing three players from the secondary can’t be good for any team. The Cowboys were not great on defense last week, but they were decent. They might have regressed in that department.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 14/1

They jumped from 10/1 to 14/1. They made a massive moved paying WR Antonio Brown to a 5-year deal. They also franchised RB Le’Veon Bell to make him the highest paid tailback in 2017.

Regarding additions, they hired WR Justin Hunter, who has spent his career with the Tennessee Titans and most recently with the Buffalo Bills. Hunter is an athletic wideout who can have a huge year with the right quarterback.

Despite the drop in the Super Bowl 52 odds, the bookmaker software has them as favorites to win the AFC North.

Seattle Seahawks: 10/1

The Seahawks made a considerable leap from 12/1 to 10/1. They took RB Eddie Lacy from the Free Agency board and gave him a fair deal to become a Seahawk. If Lacy stays in shape, he will help the team directly where they had a hole last season.

Seattle hasn’t been able to become a running team like when they had Marshawn Lynch on their side. Right now it’s a long shot, according to the price per head bookies, but they can return to their running habits in 2017.

Houston Texans: 16/1

No team in the NFL made a bigger jump than the Houston Texans. They moved from 40/1 to 16/1. How? They got rid of the anchor it had was holding them back.

The Texans sent QB Brock Osweiler and his ridiculous contract to Cleveland. He’s now the Browns’ problem. They immediately became the favorites to be Tony Romo’s new team in 2017.  The betting software for bookies will chop down the odds once they land Romo, but right now Tony is not even a Free Agent.

What’s the Texans’ move here? They will wait until Dallas releases Romo. It will happen eventually because no other team is crazy enough to make a trade for him.

New York Giants: 18/1

The Giants landed one of the best free agents on the market when they signed WR Brandon Marshall. He will be the compliment of a good passing offense that has WR Odell Beckham Jr. on one side and WR Sterling Shepard playing in the slot.

New York still has the issue of the running game, but they most likely address it in the NFL draft. The Giants were 20/1 before Marshall’s deal and moved to 18/1 according to the bookie software. Also, they inked DE Jason Pierre-Paul to a four-year contract.

Tennessee Titans: 40/1

The Titans had a quiet free agency period to be fair, but they made two moves to help the defensive side. Tennessee struggled in the secondary last season, and they went and hired the Super Bowl champion, CB Logan Ryan. It was a little expensive, but they made it happen. They also added LB Daren Bates from the Raiders. The pay per head bookie services will get lots of action involving the Titans next season. Tennessee was 45/1 in the Super Bowl 52 odds.

Philadelphia Eagles: 45/1

The Eagles surprised many in the first part of the season last year, but they couldn’t maintain their early success. In the end, Philadelphia lacked playmakers. They are not making the same mistake this season.

Philadelphia signed free agent wideouts Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith. Both are savvy veterans with lots to prove in the league. Both will help a second-year QB like Carson Wentz who is looking improved from a good rookie season. The Eagles were 50/1 before the free agency.

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